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“No, I can’t cut my hair now. I just got a divorce.”

Gotten a divorce and ready to start dating again? Then you’ve got to look good.

But let’s face it. A lot women get a bit too comfortable in themselves during their married lives and then when they are ready to start dating again they look in the mirror and face a person their younger selves would not even recognize. And then, added to that, all of this happens when they might be struggling just to make ends meet.

But there’s someone who can help — Tatiana Aquino who has just launched her blog Style with a HINT of Mint.

Here’s what she says about her mission:

Surprise whoever is on your path… Be different from everyone else… Have a twist to the perfect outfit. That’s me! That’s my MOTTO! I’ve always loved being unique… Being Different from everyone else…Having a TWIST to the perfect outfit. That’s where Style with a HINT of Mint comes from… Wearing something that has a hint of the unexpected.

Always have the element of surprise when it comes to an outfit whether it’s on price (expensive with affordable) or putting an outfit together without following the “rules.” Why follow the rules when you can MAKE the rules? Who invented the rules anyway? Take a risk !! Mix and Match in unexpected ways…. Uniqueness is beautiful. Why would you want to look like everyone else?

My mission with this blog is to show you that you can find amazing things wherever you are. Look for clothes that speak to your personal style. YES, I like to wear and buy expensive things , but there is nothing more amazing than taking the expensive and affordable or the trendy and classic and combining them to make one great outfit. Thinking in a new box is your HINT of mint.

If you’ve sunken into a beauty rut and want to get out, then check out Style with a HINT of MInt and feel free to pass it on.


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